Friday, December 03, 2004

Yoyong day two

I woke up to a quiet morning of day two. Somehow, the non-rainy day was unsettling, albeit the relief that it wasn't raining. I figured this was the calm before the storm, but then again, when it was raining last night, it was more of winds blowing and not rains ravaging the entire metro. :-P Oh well. I guess i'm just thankful that manila wasn't hit as hard as the rest of Luzon.

I envy my friends today though. They are cozily at home, enjoying the day off, as their superiors thought it best to stay in, in case the rains come back. As for moi, well, as much as i want to curl up in bed, i am here, typing away and trying to get things done before the weekend. At least i got to spend time with my sweetie before he leeaves this Sunday...

We had our "breakfast" earlier at Starbux, having the soy-based drinks we love (soy latte and soy mocha) while munching on some tuna pandesal and carrot cake. It was nice, for once the place was devoid of people and noise, and we got to share some Qt together. Ahh, l'amour. I miss him already and he has yet to leave!

I really do not know where this is all going. Believe me, as much as i want to think that this is all going to head to "forever after", i cannot help but think that if ever that may be so, it won't happen for at least 6 more years. *sigh* I am in limbo on what to do, after all, he has become so dear to me. I want him to be happy and yes, i know he will be great in the path he will take soon after he leaves here for good.

And again, i ask myself, why the hell do i fall for guys who just leave!?!!?

+ + +

Anyhoo, my friend called me at work today, asking if i have any plans of switching careers anytime soon. It appears that he is currently looking for someone to replace him at his job. I love his job actually. He lays out a teeny bopper magazine (my first job, which was fun, except my AD was this stupid arrogant asshole who thinks he's really good at it --he sucks, trust me) and he's the AD/CD. I would love to do that again (a nice break from all the routine) but unfortunately i vowed to finish this until i complete a year's work. *sigh* I just hope that by the time i leave for anotehr job, there is opportunity waiting for me...

+ + +

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